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Summer Camps Information
Avalon Summer Camps are challenging camps designed for students who already know the basics. The student must be able to mount, steer, walk, and trot. They must be able to tack and untack the horse with minimal help.
Camp lasts for 5 days and is $475 per student. Payment is due June 15, 2022. Camp starts at 9:00 am each day and goes until 4:00 pm. Please bring lunch, water, snacks, and your riding gear. Wear clothes that can get dirty.
Summer camps are recommended for current students who have been riding in the Avalon Management lesson program for at least three months. The student should be able to at least tack, untack, walk, trot, and steer in a group setting. Recommended for ages 10 and up.
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2022 Summer Camp Sign-up
The following weeks are available for Summer 2022. Spots are based on horse availability. To apply to Avalon summer camps you must be a current Avalon student. Sign up with Jessica in person.
June 20 - June 24:
July 11 - July 15:
July 18 - July 23:
Advanced Summer camp:
July 25 - July 29:
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Daily Schedule
The daily schedule is subject to change depending on other activities at the barn like vet or farrier visits, but generally follows the same schedule
9:00    Clean Stalls
10:45  Snack Time
11:00  Class Time
12:00  Lunch
12:30  Craft
1:30    Tack up
2:00    Group Riding lesson
3:00    Untack
3:30    Quiz or Finish craft
4:00    Dismissal
On the first day, the student will be given a binder to work out of that they get to keep at the end of the week. Each day will cover a new subject.
Monday:       Horse Day
Tuesday:      Tack Day
Wednesday: Health Day
Thursday:    Hoof Day
Friday:         Show Day
Class time is broken into lecture and practical application. Subjects include:
  • How to groom and tack a horse
  • The parts of the saddle, bridle, horse, and hoof
  • Showmanship
  • Breeds, colors, and markings
  • Different English disciplines
  • How to groom a horse for a show
  • How to feed and care for a horse
  • How to treat minor injuries
  • How to clip, pull a mane, and braid a horse
  • The parts of the bridle and assembly
  • How to clean tack
  • Parts of the hoof
  • How to put on polos and special tack
  • Emergency dismounts
  • How to measure for jumps and groom the arena
  • Different English disciplines and how to dress for them
Subjects covered are based on time constraints. Small groups move through content faster.
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