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The Avalon Team

Jody Phillips
Jody Phillips has been riding horses since she could walk. When she was a kid she used to show at all the county fairs riding Western. She ran barrels, did pole bending, and all sorts of fun and crazy things. One day, she entered a jumping round at one of the shows and the horn caught her under the ribs when she went over the jump, but she was hooked. She bought an English saddle and a huge thoroughbred and started jumping. When she was eighteen, a trainer caught her putting the jump rails on top of the standards and told her to come ride with her before she got hurt. 
While riding with a few trainers over the years, she has shown in Level 2 Dressage, A-circuit Hunter/Jumpers, and 3-Day Eventing.
Since then, she has become a riding instructor and been through the ins and outs of the horse world. She has worked for a vet for two years. She has held her own shows at places like the Clark County Fairgrounds and managed shows at other barns like Arbor Grove. She has held clinics and classes.
Her favorite horse is Simon.
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Jessica Phillips
Jessica has grown up around horses, but been really riding them since she was nine. Her mom made her walk around the ring cooling down horses for nine months before she was even allowed to trot. She was raised with the original "Barn Rats," which was a group of kids that practically lived at the barn. Over the years she has shown in dressage, local system hunters and a couple of A-circuit shows, and one-day eventing horse trials.
She went to college for science education in physics and was a classroom teacher teaching AP Physics for five years. She returned home in 2016 to join Avalon Management as the walk/trot riding instructor.
Her favorite horse is Shine who was born at home when she was 8 years old.
Katie Phillips
Katie has been riding since she was 7 and has been around horses her entire life. As a kid, she enjoyed riding the bigger horses, but learned to work with ponies as well. She started showing and learned to jump which quickly became her favorite discipline. Katie competed in hunter jumpers in local and open system shows and evented at one day horse trials. She has attended jumping clinics and preformed dressage exhibitions as well. Katie started training young horses early on, starting with help from Jody, and then moving on to start horses on her own in 2003. She has worked with ponies and horses of many different breeds. 
Katie moved to Texas in 2015 and in 2021 began the Pampa branch of Avalon Management as a Riding Instructor and Trainer. Her favorite horse is Camelot and she has owned him since 2014.
Beau is a 1997 Paint, which is a quarter horse of the pinto coloring. He is 16 hands and a very calm and steady guy, great for the first time rider. He also is advanced enough for jumping and Dressage. He is easy enough for an 8-year-old to ride and does everything to keep his rider safe.
Whisper is a spunky, cute 2002 Shetland Quarter pony who does a wonderful job teaching the beginning riders how to walk, trot, and canter. She is a little on the short side at 13 hands so we try not to put people taller than 5' on her. She does jumping lessons, too, but tends to buck. She teaches both beginning and advanced students and is one of the favorites to ride.
Simon is a 2009, 16.2 hh Thoroughbred. He is learning how to be a lesson horse and used mostly by higher-level intermediate to advanced riders. He jumps and does dressage
Is a 2008 cobb shire cross. He is 16.1 hh. He is a tough guy who is good for taking beginners around or challenging more advanced riders. He jumps solid jumps. He can be fast or slow, but needs a lot of encouragement and a bossy rider.
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Adele is an 2012 lesson horse in training. She is a 16.1hh quarter horse draft cross. She is still learning the ropes but with time she will learn to be a solid lesson horse.
A 1995 Tennessee walker cross standing at 16.2 hands. He great for the more petite riders that are ready to start their horse riding journey. He is sensitive and speedy, with a huge heart.
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Lance is a 2002 Quarter horse arab cross. He is an ex show horse. He jumps and does dressage. He needs a confident rider that will tell him what to do.
A 16 hh, 2000 draft cross. That is very sweet and spunky. He can be slow, but loves to go fast over jumps. He does dressage and jumps. Meant for intermediate or advance riders that can handle him when he gets spunky.
Camelot is a Quarter horse Arabian cross gelding who was born in 1997. He is 14.1hh and is a steady, but fun guy. He enjoys treats and napping in the sunshine. Cam is perfect for beginners and does walk/trot lessons. 

King is a Quarter Horse Thoroughbred cross who was born in 2004. He is a gelding and stands 16.1hh. King is a big sweetheart and loves to be scratched and loved on. He does best with a patient, quiet rider, but enjoys working with beginners as well. He does walk/trot lessons. 
Sunny is a Quarab gelding who was born in 2013. He is 14.0hh and comes from a western riding background. He has been trained to first level dressage and is beginning to learn to jump. He requires a confident rider with a quiet leg. 
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