Hillsboro Lesson Openings

Warning:  Horse back riding is a sport and takes physical effort, coordination, and a lot of practice. Beware that horses are unpredictable. Even our lessons horses will spook on occasion. At some point the rider will fall off. Our arena is soft and fluffy, but it still hurts and will fill you full of adrenaline when you hit the ground. Please explain this to your child and consider this before applying for classes. 

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All students will start out with Jessica as a beginner rider with a 30-minute private lesson and then will be placed in the more advanced program with Jody which is a 1-hour group lesson. Private lessons with Jody can be scheduled for students boarding their horse at Avalon.
Below in Jessica's lessons, you will see the horses' schedules. Whisper, Data, Tommy, and Beau. Whisper's lessons are for children under or around 5 feet tall. Data is for taller students under 120 lbs. Beau's limit is 160 and Tommy's is 200 lbs. Due to our horses' schedules and age, we cannot accept riders over 200 pounds. Please check the horse's schedules before your apply, times will not be moved around to accommodate you. Please plan on coming 10 mins early if you are not tacking.
Tacking means you need to be there 30 minutes early to prepare the horse. Untacking means you will need to stay 30 minutes after to put the horse away.
In Jody's lessons sometimes the horse will be tacked or not depending on the changing schedule. It's best to allow 30 mins before and after your lesson just in case of changes made. You may be on a different lesson horse each time.

      3:00, 3:30, 4:00 Whisper
      4:45, 5:15 Beau
      6:00, 6:30 Tommy
      7:00, 7:30 Data

      3:00, 3:30, 4:00 Whisper
      4:45, 5:15 Data
     6:00, 6:30 Beau
       7:00, 7:30 Tommy
        9:00, 9:30, 10:00 Whisper
       11:00, 11:30 Tommy

We only accept students age 8 years and up. 
Weekly students: $55 each, discount available for paying ahead of time
Less than weekly: No longer available
We accept cash, check, or Zelle transfer.
Lessons are for ages 8 and older


Beginning Riders with Jessica
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Current Beginner Rider Openings:

There are no current opens at this time.

To apply, make sure you meet the requirements for the opening. Text Jessica at 503-889-6758 with your Name, Age, Height, Weight, and the lesson opening you would like to fill. All lessons are on a first come first serve basis.

Group lessons

Group lessons are an hour. Topics will range from jumping, dressage, balance, strength, and exercises. Openings are based on number of lesson horses. Please be tacked and ready to ride at your lesson time.

Once you have advanced above jumping 2', we recommend buying or leasing your own horse. Our lesson horses are used a lot and are older, so they cannot continue to advance with you.

Advanced Riders with Jody

Tuesdays:     4:00 group                   Full
                      5:00 group

                      6:00 group                   Full
Wednesday: 4:00 group                   2 openings
                      5:00 group                   Full

                      6:00 group                   Full
Thursdays:   4:00 group                   Full
                      5:00 group                   Full

                     6:00 group               Full          
Saturday:     1:00 group                Full 
                      2:00 group               Full 
                      3:00 group                   Full

Interested in lessons on your own horse? Text Jody at 503-750-7383 to set up a lesson.
Weekly students: $55, monthly discount available
Weekly student on their own horse: $45, discount available
Less than weekly: $85 a lesson, no discount available
Haul-in lessons add $10 per horse

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