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Hillsboro Lesson Openings

Warning:  Horse back riding is a sport and takes physical effort, coordination, and a lot of practice. Beware that horses are unpredictable. Even our lessons horses will spook on occasion. At some point the rider will fall off. Our arena is soft and fluffy, but it still hurts and will fill you full of adrenaline when you hit the ground. Please explain this to your child and consider this before applying for classes. 

Photo May 12, 4 18 11 PM.jpg

All students will start out with a weekly private lesson. This includes either tacking before then a 30 minute ride or a 30 minute ride with untacking after. Please allow an hour for the full lesson. Students also have access to a 1 hour weekly classroom session to learn more about horsemanship, horse care, and the other parts of barn life.

Private lessons are held on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. A small number of pony lessons for younger and smaller riders are available on Wednesdays as well. Classroom sessions are held Wednesdays at 5:30 pm.

Once the student has demonstrated they can tack, untack, mount, steer, walk, trot, and canter safely, then they will graduate into group lessons. Group lessons may contain as many as six students, but we try to limit it to four riders at a time. In group lessons the student will learn bend, collection, trot poles, and jumping. The group lessons will help the rider advance in their chosen discipline and support them in becoming an overall better rider.

As the rider advances they may have the opportunity to lease a boarded horse (not a lesson horse). We also provide services and education to owning your first horse when stalls become available.

Students that own or lease a horse can be working towards competing in competitions. When we get a solid group we will start scheduling these events.


      3:30 Whisper (open)
      4:00 Whisper 

      4:45 Trace
     5:15 Trace
     6:00 Tommy
     6:30 Boarder
     7:15 Jabber
     7:45 Board


     7:15 Lance

      7:45 Trace (open)

      4:00 Whisper
      4:30 Whisper
      5:30 Tommy

       7:00 Trace

       7:30 Trace
        9:30 Whisper
       10:00 Whisper
       11:00 Tommy (open)
       11:30 Tommy
       12:00 Beau
       12:30 Beau
       1:00 Trace 

       1:45 Trace (open)

      2:15 Lance (open)
2:45 Boarder
We only accept students age 8 years and up. We also only accept students under 200 lbs

 Click the application to see our pricing and sign up. 

Beginning Riders with Jessica
2019-06-27 10.30.06.jpg
2019-07-09 13.44.10.jpg
2019-07-05 12.40.24.jpg
Photo Sep 05, 10 58 10 AM.jpg
Group lessons

Group lessons are an hour. Topics will range from jumping, dressage, balance, strength, and exercises. Openings are based on number of lesson horses. Please be tacked and ready to ride at your lesson time.

Once you have advanced above jumping 2', we recommend buying or leasing your own horse. Our lesson horses are used a lot and are older, so they cannot continue to advance with you.

Advanced Riders with Jody

Tuesdays:     4:00 group                  
                      5:00 group

                      6:00 group                  
Wednesday: 4:00 group                  
                      5:00 group                  

                      6:00 group                  
Thursdays:   4:00 group                  
                      5:00 group                  

                     6:00 group                      
Friday:          6:00 group             
                      7:00 group              


2019-06-28 13.34.53.jpg
2019-07-23 12.29.03.jpg
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