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Horse Leases

A Partial Lease is a way to ride more and save a little money.
The following monthly packages are available:
1 ride a week plus 1 lesson a week                  $275
2 rides a week plus 1 lesson a week                $375
1 ride a week plus 2 lessons a week                $450
3 rides a week plus 1 lesson a week                $475
Students that have been riding with Avalon for at least 3 months are allowed to partial lease our horses with approval. You will schedule your time with us so we can make sure the horse is not over used, come tack up, ride for no more than an hour including warm up and cool down, and then untack.
All leases must take at least one lesson a week to maintain their knowledge and skill as a rider, lessons are included in the lease price.
No jumping unless in a lesson with a trainer. Always wear a helmet.
2018-07-18 18.23.52.jpg
2019-07-09 12.34.18.jpg
2019-07-11 13.48.41.jpg
2018-11-10 12.00.07.jpg
Available for partial lease.
Zorro is stubbon, but a slow and smooth ride. Good for a beginner that has a lot of confidence.
Available for partial lease.
He is a complete sweetie. He can teach from beginners all they way up to advanced students. He jumps and can do dressage.
2017-07-19 14.07_edited.jpg
Available for partial lease for someone that can ride in the mornings on weekdays.
She teaches all the little kids. Some times she is hard to steer but she has a lot of heart.
Available for a partial lease.
Sully has a lot of get up and go. He is bouncy. He is very sweet and has a lot of try.
2019-07-12 13.15.41.jpg
Available for partial or full lease.
Lola is a sweetheart who has training in dressage. She has a smooth trot and a smooth canter. She needs an intermediate rider with a good hand and patient nature.
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