Trail Riding and Rent-a-horse

We do not offer these services

We are sorry. We do not offer trail riding or rent-a-horse services. Our lesson horses are used only in the lesson program and are not well behaved out in the woods on their own.

Trail riding

Trail riding

Please do not call us about trail riding. Instead try one of the following links.

Mount Hood Guided Trail Ride

Sauvie's Island Guided Trail Ride

Lincoln City Beach Rides

Ski Bowl

Manzanita Beach


Please be careful. Horseback riding is dangerous. Protect yourself and wear an approved riding helmet, not a bicycle helmet. Horses can be unpredictable and unlike a motorcycle, bicycle, or car, they do not always do what you tell them to. Carry your health insurance information in case of injury, let someone know you are out riding before you get on, and listen to what the people in charge say. They know their horses better than anyone.


Remember that horses are smart animals and unlike a rental car, they can't just be detailed when you return them, you will create a lasting impression on them, so make it a positive one.